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Has Your Job Transitioned to Working Remote?
Need Help Getting Organized?

Do you need help organizing your life, your work, your family?

Digital Files, Email, Cloud Storage, Calendar Sharing, Note Sharing and more!

Never be without your important files again. 

I make this possible by developing/giving YOU personalized tools and strategies to use right now to simplify, streamline and organize your personal and work life.

Let me teach you how!


Do You Need An Assistant?

You might need to consider it if:

  1. You're feeling overwhelmed with your workload or the office workload.

  2. You need help organizing your paperwork to digital files.

  3. You need research done and have no time to do it.

  4. You want to be more productive and less stressed.

  5. You know you need help but can’t afford someone full-time.

  6. You know you could be more successful if you had time to focus more on what you and only you do best.

MicheleBliss.com utilizes the knowledge and expertise of cloud based applications, while keeping focused on your goals and needs for success, by providing outstanding customer service and care throughout all our approaches.

❤  I want to add more value to your life ❤  

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Owner Michele Bliss, is a Certified Google Specialist who is an expert in organizing, structure, productivity, consulting and solving complex organizational problems. Coming from a successful background in corporate administration and marketing, she is an efficiency expert with a passion for technology that can help make the most out of life.

More than anything else, Michele enjoys working closely with each client to create efficient systems that enhance and streamline their personal and business lives.