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Providing technology and administrative support, marketing, management and organization to individuals, businesses, independent contractors and entrepreneurs. In this fast-paced busy world, we are bombarded with tasks that keep our schedules overflowing with things to do. I handle the details to free you up to do what you do best!!

Over 30 years of corporate experience with a proven record of accomplishment in the areas of office management, marketing, web design, bookkeeping, customer relations, information technology, and real estate transaction management (licensed).

Specialties & Proficiency: Google Workspace, Digital Organizing, Social Media & Marketing, MS Office Suite, QuickBooks, Adobe Pro, Photoshop, Website Design (WIX) and computer services.


A Legal Assistant responsible for helping Lawyers and other legal professionals prepare for trials or court cases. Duties include drafting first copy pleadings, contributing to fact-checking and conducting initial research, communicating with court employees, organizing legal documents in a confidential way and managing all administrative responsibilities in the legal office.  Demand for legal services is increasing and outpacing existing processes.


Call today to centralize and automate legal requests, streamlining communication and collaboration across your entire business.

(508) 377-3403

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